Whether the estate is in the UK or abroad, our specialist probate solicitors are ready to help Executors (if there is a Will) and Administrators (if there isn’t a Will). Our expert advice ensures you comply with the inheritance tax rules, and we will guide you through the Will, or the intestacy rules, to make sure the estate is distributed appropriately.

Our services include:

  • assistance with funeral arrangements
  • preparing estate and HM Revenue & Customs accounts
  • submitting applications for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, as appropriate
  • applying to reseal Grants from foreign jurisdictions
  • helping to apply for Enduring Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection applications.

BBW has particular expertise in contentious probate and are able to provide assistance if you wish to contest or defend an application for Probate or Administration.  BBW can also provide advice on lack of provision for dependants and other circumstances in which a Will may be challenged.

We can also provide advice in cases of undue influence when a Will has been made in a certain manner.

For advice and information about our Probate services contact:

Stevenage Office

01438 359311

Sue Agnew

Letchworth Office

01462 482248

Christiane Colbon

Biggleswade Office

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Michael Christopher